CMCO – an appeal to fellow Malaysians

By: Nor Juliana Ali

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera….

Dear Malaysians,

By now I guess we are attuned with how our government is handling the pandemic raging our land. Salute to all those who are directly and indirectly who are and still playing their role to ensure all plans are put into action, including those enforcing the MCOs. As rakyat, we too, in general, have done our best to comply the MCO, safeguarding ourselves and our family members. We have habituated the discipline of self-hygiene, practise social distancing and restraining from unnecessarily leaving our homes. Together we have seen the proof of our actions and decisions through the development shared our leadership daily, from week, to week. But hear me out. 

Our war against this invisible enemy is far from over.

1) Even though some sectors/businesses are opening and more in coming weeks, we still as much should  just stay at home, like how we did for the past 3 MCOs. Go out ONLY when we really need to. 

This move to reopen is not to just ‘lax’ but rather save us from a harsh and prolonged economic and financial recovery period. 

2) As we know, there is no cure or vaccine to Covid-19, yet. So let’s not have that herd mentality just like how we did when the MCO was announced. (people rushing to the supermarket etc.). 

If there is a time to be different, this is the ideal time to do so.

3) We DO NOT KNOW for sure the consequence of herd mentality even with the statistics and recommendation provided by our government but we DO KNOW that it is always better to stay safe than sorry given the risk we are exposing ourselves to. Going out when everyone has the exact same idea… is not the best idea for now.  

Let us leave it to the scientists to conduct the experiments. 

4) Give it a week (or more) to observe the daily reports/announcement by our government for signs of resurgence in the community (even if your zone has been declared green!) and vice versa. One case detected is good enough to change your green zone and locality back to EMCO/PKPD (DG said it, not me).

We have time to prepare ourselves as rakyat to manage the soft landing, and eventual roll. As mentioned by leaders over and over. We will be returning to a new normal. We must open our minds that things will be different post Covid-19. 

5) Please watch the live telecasts if you haven’t already. There are usually 2 live telecasts daily a) Menteri Kanan Keselamatan and b) DG MOH. Hear the news from the horses’ mouth so that the facts and message are clear and precise.

6) Hang in there with planning outdoor exercise (even though it doesn’t involve contact). Imagine 500 people having that idea of ‘oh it’s safe to jog’. then we will have 500 people in close contact at just 1 park.

 7)After 40 plus days I am sure we want to reward ourselves by going out and feeling free. But just look at China after they lifted the lockdown. They had to lockdown again as there were many carriers of the virus which did not show sign of sickness.

8) This is my personal opinion and it’s up to your mature judgement of what you do next and how. Know the people  you are putting at risk especially when they depend on you to be around and healthy… children, elderly, and the list goes on.

Safety and life firstpastedGraphic.png🏻

Nor Juliana Ali

May 1, 2020

Kuala Lumpur

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