Traditional Food

What is Traditional Food?


Traditional foods are those that have been passed down through the generations or that have been consumed for many generations. Traditional meals and dishes are by definition traditional, and they may have a long history in a national dish, regional cuisine, or local cuisine. Traditional foods and beverages can be manufactured at home, in restaurants and small manufacturing facilities, or in major food processing plants.


Malaysian cuisine and food are noted for their rich and unique flavors. Malaysia, as a cosmopolitan culture, has inherited a diverse range of cuisines and has even developed its own fusion blends that are distinctive and characteristic of Malaysian cuisine.


Besides that, traditional foods are nutrient-dense and have a long history of promoting good health. Thousands of years have passed since these foods were consumed. From vegetables and fruits to meat, poultry, and fish, to dairy, eggs, legumes, nuts, and seeds, traditional foods are simply prepared and fundamental.


Listed below are all the states in Malaysia, each with their own unique traditional food. 
Negeri Sembilan
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