IIUM declared regional centre of expertise by UNU

KUALA LUMPUR, May 8  — The International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) has been declared the Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) on Education for Sustainable Development  by the United Nations University (UNU).

According to IIUM in a statement today, therecognition was awarded by UNU on the university’s commitment in building a sustainable future through education, one of the agenda of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

The regional expert centre named RCE Greater Gombak is the first of its kind based on education for sustainable development.

For the record, all regional centres of expertise are geographically based except for RCE Greater Gombak IIUM which is based on functionality.

Under the RCE Greater Gombak, IIUM plays a leading role in the development of sustainable education activities and initiatives together with the community, industry and government sectors and among the activities undertaken are ‘asnaf’ education in Perlis, sustainable tourism in Pagoh, Johor, sustainable health in Kuantan, Pahang and a prosperous school in Terengganu.

IIUM now joins 180 of the world’s regional expertise centres which will focus on various social and educational activities.

Rector of IIUM, Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dzulkifli Abdul Razak in the statement said that the university’s role was bigger and broader and always supports all efforts to preserve education so that society would not be left behind.


Source: https://www.bernama.com/en/general/news.php?id=1839889

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