UNESCO declares 2 December as World Futures Day at its 41st General Conference on 24 November 2021 to promote the roles of futures literacy in strategizing, planning, and preparing for the challenges and needs of the future through education, research, science, technology, innovation, and culture.

As the host for the UNESCO Chair in Futures Studies, IIUM invites the community to embrace and nurture our respective and collective capabilities in ensuring proactive understanding and action for sustainable development through foresight.

It is urgent and important to call the attention of diverse stakeholder groups to the importance of futures literacy, especially in addressing current and upcoming challenges across various sectors, especially those associated with sustainability and well-being of the society and humanity at large.

With the support of the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia for the agenda of mainstreaming futures literacy in the country and beyond, Sejahtera Centre for Sustainability and Humanity IIUM has been organizing a range of events in conjunction with the aforementioned celebration for the year 2021.