In the honor of the recognition of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) as the UNESCO Chair in Futures Studies: Anticipation for Sustainability and Wellbeing, the institution welcomes the World Futures Day celebration on 2 December every year. The Youth Futures Webinar was organized as a sub-event in collaboration with The Good Society IIUM as the executive committee with the support of the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia for the agenda of mainstreaming futures literacy in the country and beyond.

With the theme ‘Circle of Changemakers’, Youth Futures Webinar provides young promising leaders who are experienced on a grassroots level a platform to present their community-transforming projects and discuss their ideas, obstacles, priorities,  and prospects around sustainability and well-being. The fields covered include Education, Economy, Environment, Empowerment, and Intellectual. The forum will comprise three slots which are opening remarks by IIUM Rector Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dzulkifli bin Abdul Razak, presentation from each of the speakers, and transdisciplinary panel discussion.

The objectives of the programme include to:

  • Present high-impact inspiring community transformation projects
  • Exchange best practices and visions around sustainability and well-being
  • Incorporate the elements of futures and transdisciplinarity in addressing SDG


Time (GMT+8)Details 
19:45 – 19:55Joining of participants in the Zoom video-call
19:55 – 20:05Welcoming remarks by the Master of Ceremony
20:05 – 20:10Salutations and introduction of distinguished guests
20:10 – 20:20Opening remarks by IIUM Rector, Prof. Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak
20:20 – 20:25Overview of presentations
20:25 – 20:40Presentation 1 (Theme: Education)
Title: “Excellent Schools Begin with Excellent School Leaders”
Speaker: Bernard Ow (Senior Programme Manager, PEMIMPIN GSL)
20:40 – 20:42Recap by the Master of Ceremony
20:42 – 20:57Presentation 2 (Theme: Economy)
Title: “The Social Entrepreneurship Initiative “Bites N Beans Café”
Speaker: Madhura Rajaderan (Director, Bites N Beans Café, Association of Social Services and Community Development of Gombak District)
20:57 – 20:59Recap by the Master of Ceremony
20:59 – 21:14Presentation 3 (Theme: Environment)
Title: “It Starts With You(th)”
Speaker: Aida Ameera Abdul Raof (Facilitator, Kalsom Sejahtera Programme, Kalsom Movement)
21:14 – 21:16Recap by the Master of Ceremony
21:16 – 21:31Presentation 4 (Theme: Empowerment)
Title: “Community Organizing and Empowerment”
Speaker: Mohammad Hafeez Zainal Abidin (President, The Good Society IIUM)
21:31 – 21:33Recap by the Master of Ceremony
21:33 – 21:48Presentation 5 (Theme: Intellectual)
Title: “Autonomous Thoughts and Intellectual Activism”
Speaker: Muhammad Aliff Naif Mohd Fizam (Winner of the Young Philosopher of The Year 2021 Award’ in World Philosophy Day organized by the National University of Malaysia (UKM))
21:48 – 21:50Recap by the Master of Ceremony
21:50 – 21:55Overview of panel discussion session
21:55 – 22:15Panel discussion 
22:15 – 22:30Question-and-Answer session
22:30 – 22:35Photo-taking session and adjournment


Our great appreciation would go to the members of the executive committee whose dedication made the program a success.

Advisor • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zainal Abidin bin Sanusi
General Manager I • Idayu Mumtaz binti Iskandar
General Manager II • Mohamad Hafeez bin Zainal Abidin
General Manager III • Muhammad Zhafir bin Aminuddin
Secretary General • Nurul Husna binti Zaharuddin
Treasurer General • Nurul Iffah binti Zawawi
Creative Unit • Mohamad Zaim bin Mohd Razali
Event Coordinator • Abdul Rashid bin Nuhairi
Event Secretary • Adam Naimi bin Nasrizam
Event Financial Controller • Nuha binti Mohamad Najib
Event Public Relations • Syasya Qistina binti Anuar
Event Moderator • Nurul Iffah binti Zawawi
Event Promotion Unit • Atikah Insyirah bt Hamin
Event Technical Unit • Farradiba binti Hasni
Event Designer • Kamarul Arshad Bin Zakaria