This website contain information about  all flagship projects undertake by lecturers and staff of the International Islamic University Malaysia as part of its effort to promote sustainable development goal and contribute to the well being of the society.


IIUM Flagship Initiatives include:

  • FP01 Mosque in the Post-Materialistic Era
  • FP02 Lingua Revolution & Human Civilisation Education
  • FP03 Falsafah Pendidikan Kebangsaan for the 21st Century
  • FP04 School for Sustainable Marine Livelihood
  • FP05 Patin Buah as Sustainable Food Production Sources
  • FP06 Malay Medical Manuscripts as Sources of Health Information
  • FP07 The MUARA: A Living River Lab in Muar
  • FP08 Indigenous Heritage & Cultural Living Lab in Gombak
  • FP09 The 3E (Empowering, Enriching &  Enabling) Youth Programme
  • FP10 Peace & Justice in the Community
  • FP11 Peace Building & Civilisation for Humanity
  • FP12 Maqasid Shariah Compliant & Productive Work Culture
  • FP13 Sustainable Endowment & Redistribution System
  • FP14 Accounting & Analytics for Ummah
  • FP15 Islamic Social Finance for B40
  • FP16 Indigenous & Traditional Co-Learning Initiative
  • FP17 Peduli Asli
  • FP18 Jungle School
  • FP19 River of Life
  • FP20 IIUM Innovative Electric Coaster
  • FP21 e-Scroll: Comprehensive Academic Assurance System
  • FP22 Siber Sejahtera Synergy
  • FP23 MASA-Chain
  • FP24 Healthcare for Sejahtera Community
  • FP25 Gender Dysphoria
  • FP26 I-DO-CARE
  • FP27 Sustainable Smoke-free Campus Community
  • FP28 Snoezelen Room for Special Kids
  • FP29 Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative


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