Peace and Justice in the Community

AIKOL flagship focuses on the promotion of family and community peace and harmony, which is under SDG 16 (peace, justice, and Strong Institutions).

This is achieved by ensuring and promoting;  equal access to justice through legal awareness activities and advisory services on a wide range of legal issues impacting communities.

The main beneficiaries are those in the lower and middle-income bracket, the vulnerable sectors of the society including single mothers and children.

It is also about empowering the community through mediation where the capacity building of the community leaders on dispute resolution skills.

Selected community leaders in Gombak will be trained with mediation skills to empower them in resolving the disputes arising within their community amicably.

A training manual will be developed under this project.

This flagship project provides AIKOL staff and students the platform to share their expertise with the community and can contribute towards promoting a peaceful and harmonious community.

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