The IIUM flagship SANA AL-TAJWEED FOR QURANIC CULTURED AMONG IIUM FAMILY deals with teaching and learning the Quran for the IIUM community using technology. The flagship aims to produce a technology-based learning platform using Artificial Intelligent (AI), and to be introduced among the IIUM community and its surrounding in supporting the conventional Quranic teaching and learning.

The flagship also aims to introduce a unique Kelas Asas Fardhu Ain (KAFA) among the children of IIUM communities internally as an official platform for religious courses among the kids, as practiced by other KAFA classes elsewhere. In the long run, it is also aimed that IIUM will become a Quranic Hub for knowledge sharing among experts to communities, especially with regard to Quranic teaching and learning.

This flagship is currently supported by Jamalullail Grant with Kolej University Islam Perlis (KUIPs) as the collaborator. It is hoped that the flagship will be successful with the support from many different levels of the internal and external religious agencies in making sure that all at the end of the day, the proposed Sana Al Tajweed system will enhance, and encourage all Muslims, particularly IIUM communities to be motivated and looking forward in enhancing the way they read Quran to the best as The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and his companions read it, thus internalizing into their daily life.

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