About us: IIUM Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIiBF)

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Islamic Banking and Finance has become an important academic discipline that has attracted research in a number of related areas such as economics, finance, accounting, law, shari’ah and information technology. The demand for Islamic banking and financial products, instruments and services have increased considerably that there is a growing need for institutions that engage in comprehensive training of human capital to meet the shortage of talented and experienced knowledge workers for the rapidly growing Islamic banking industry worldwide.


♦ To provide an avenue to expand interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in Islamic banking and finance through education and research

♦ To produce multi-dimensional graduates who are competent both in Shari’ah and modern sciences like economics, finance, accounting, law, information technology and other related areas

♦ To promote the Islamic banking and financial system in achieving the objectives of Shari’ah

♦ To become an international referral centre in the field of education and research in Islamic banking and finance


To be premier global Centre of Excellence for Teaching, Research, Publications and Consultancy in Islamic Banking and Finance


To enhance Islamic Banking and Finance education and research globally through the provision of capacity building and advisory services underpinned by path-breaking strategic initiatives, development and innovation.

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