The main aim of this flagship is to be involved in the development of the Sejahtera community within the RCE Greater Gombak. In particular, the projects in the flagship will be undertaking activities to develop the economic wellbeing of youth, single mothers and disadvantaged IIUM community members. The lack of capital and relevant knowledge to economically sustain themselves especially during this pandemic of Covid-19 are the primary reasons for this flagship to focus on these three groups of beneficiaries. They will be equipped with necessary entrepreneurial skills such as e-commerce, digital marketing and financial literacy/management.

  • This flagship embodies the slogan of Leading the Way. The flagship is expected to uplift the economic position of the targeted groups i.e. youth, single mothers and disadvantaged IIUM community within the RCE Greater Gombak. As the projects would involve not only training but also coaching them in the real business activities, these targeted groups are expected to be able to generate income sufficient for their living. The flagship will be working with various stakeholders such as Majlis Pengurusan Komuniti Kampung(MPKK) Sg Pusu and Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat Daerah Gombak to identify the potential participants, particularly the youth and single mothers.
  • The Personal development modules, which are mainly to strengthen the spiritual, mental and emotional being will be embedded in the training and coaching activities. This is to ensure the outcome of the projects address the holistic perspectives of Insan Sejahtera.
  • The GoodHearts Fund project is an initiative aimed to help alleviate financial problems among members of the IIUM community. The flagship will be collaborating with the IIUM Endowment office to operationalise the project such as managing the collection and the disbursement to beneficiaries. In addition, the collaboration is crucial to ensure the sustainability of this fund after the flagship ends. Crowdfunding will be the primary platform to raise funds for this newly designed fund for the disadvantaged IIUM community. Other sources may be raised through dedicated endowment or/and cash waqf.
  • A sejahtera community is the result of a holistic approach to a human development process. This flagship aims to carry out this integrated approach of human development through interactive modules. The modules integrate aspects of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as knowledge acquisition. At the end of the flagship, a combination of holistic approach via interactive modules is expected to bring new life to the beneficiaries; economically self-sustaining, and emotionally and spiritually balanced. 

  • The flagship, which is under the patronage of the Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences (KENMS) has members not only from the Kulliyyah but also from other K/C/D/I/O, namely, KIRKHS, KICT, AIKOL, OSIC, CENSERVE, SASMEC, and MSD with the aim of co-creation of knowledge by exploiting the diverse expertise of the members. In undertaking the projects, the flagship has also identified several potential external collaborators such as MPKK Sg Pusu, Masjid As-Syakirin, Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat Daerah Gombak, Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan and YADIM. In addition, the flagship plans to work with Evoing Sdn Bhd, Wow Kaw Kaw, Kejar Pelangi and other selected SMEs for e-Commerce and digital marketing training and activities. Lastly, students who are involved in the flagship are labelled as YSM Buddy. Their involvements in this project are significant as it helps to nurture them to become balanced students.
  • The flagship is expected to run for 21 months (March 2021 – Dec 2022). In the course of the operation, the main financial source would be sought from crowdfunding and endowment or cash. External collaborators and financial sponsorship will be sought on the basis of CSR. In addition, the flagship will recognise staff and students engagement in this flagship as waqf time. The flagship is in its substance operationalising the Rahmatan-lil-alamin concept.
  • This flagship is specially designed for YSM in the RCE Greater Gombak as well as members of the IIUM community. The modules for each of the programmes are developed to ensure participants will eventually have access to opportunities and resources for their wellbeing. Participants will go through both economic uplifting and personal development programmes for them to self-sustain in the community.
  • The projects within the flagship will as much as possible be promoting, preserving and elevating basic social values within the communities. Recruiting participants of the same vicinity or neighbourhood creates the sense of sharing and belonging to the local values and will be reflected in the businesses which participants are expected to set up. Businesses based on local produces or services would be the main objective as this minimises supply and logistic issues. From another perspective, the local based businesses promote the act of sharing opportunities and caring among members of the community. The community will not only thrive economically but also strengthen their social connectivity, which is very lacking nowadays. This project aims to propagate and bring back these local values imbued with Islamic values through personal development modules.
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