This year’s conference seeks to actively nurture discourses on these aspects to probe into the futures with the complex nuances of the following thematic areas:

  • Bridging the Gaps among Academia, Industry, and Society for Sustainable Futures
  • Civilisations, Technologies, and the Futures of Societies
  • Co-creation of Peaceful, Wellbeing, and Inclusive Societies
  • Primordial and Artificial Intelligence

There are questions pertinent to the anticipated discourses. How can individuals, institutions, industries, communities, and nations establish more effective partnerships to enhance regional sustainability as a whole? How might education, research, and innovation transform to contribute to the wellbeing of the Asian confederations? Can the creation of peaceful and inclusive societies become the key defense to mitigate the threats of environmental and climate crises? How might the economy, environment, and society be and create new futures of civilisations when humanising values drive inter-sectoral cooperation?

For better strategic conception and highlight on practice and how-tos, foresight case studies of executions by academicians, governments, private sectors, industries, civil societies, and the communities will be underscored as well as outlining the various futures scenarios leading to the preferred ones in a conducive environment for interactions, sharing, and exchange among peers in the network.


  • Imagine the futures of the Asia Pacific region and beyond; emerging issues, disruptions, and scenarios
  • Educate on futures literacy and strategic foresight through relevant approaches, methods, and tools
  • Illustrate the influence and potential of futures thinking on policymaking decisions and outcomes
  • Address the changing needs of policymaking by advancing practical recommendations
  • Support networking, collaboration, and exchange among members of manifold organisations to bridge the gap among stakeholders at the university, industry, governmental, and societal levels
  • Encourage the adoption of modi operandi resulting from the linkages between researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to accentuate the profile of futures literacy and foresight in Asia Pacific