About OKU4U

OKU4U Sejahtera and Islamic Outreach Project is one of IIUM’s major flagship projects.

As the University strives to achieve the characteristics of Balanced Persons amongst its graduates and staff as well as the neighbouring community, no single individual should be left behind, especially the disadvantaged group that requires special needs and attention, namely, Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) or Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) in the Malay language.

PwDs face numerous challenges in life on a daily basis, from the most basic functions of managing themselves to fulfilling their religious duties as servants of Allah, and as students who have to excel just like everybody else.

Their impairments and limitations are compounded with physical barriers, such as buildings and built environments that are not accessible, and also non-physical barriers such as inflexible rules and regulations in the system that do not accommodate their special needs.

With the barriers removed and a better understanding of their needs, the University will be able to achieve its Vision and Missions as the PwDs will not be left behind along the way. As such, as a University that is Islamic in nature, a Garden of Knowledge and Virtue, and rahmatan li’l-‘alamin, it is our religious obligation to fulfill the needs of the PwDs and uphold social justice through creating a community that is not just compassionate but also empathetic towards the needs of the PwDs. It will be part of IIUM’s inclusiveness efforts and IIUM should take the lead in inclusive education. Sustainable and Sejahtera Community will not progress without the inclusion of PwDs in the campus and neighbouring areas.

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