OKU Orang Asli Tuition Pilot Project


The OKU Orang Asli impairments and limitations are compounded with physical barriers, such as buildings and built environment that are not accessible and also non-physical barriers such as inflexible rules and regulations in the system.

It is important to provide equal opportunity to this very special community in order to increase the enrolment of OKU Orang Asli in boarding schools (after UPSR) and in universities (after SPM) in order to assist them to become economically independent and enhance social inclusion.

Objectives of this Project

  • To assist the OKU Orang Asli children to excel either in academic or other skills for their economic independence and wellbeing in the future 

  • To enable and empower OKU Orang Asli children and students through mentoring and skills enhancement program

  • To motivate the families of OKU Orang Asli that academic success is not impossible

Implementation of the Programme

  • Courtesy Visit & Discussion with Director General of JAKOA

  • Meeting with management of Jakoa Gombak and Majlis Pengurusan Komuniti Kampung Orang Asli (MPKKOA)

  • Majlis Ramah Mesra Bersama Anak-anak OKU Orang Asli
  • Discussion between DSU and Elvin & mother (Pn Masuhaini)


Courtesy Visit

Courtesy visit and discussion with the Director General of JAKOA on 16th March 2021.


The team received a positive response from the Director General where he agreed with DSU’s proposal to conduct tuition classes for OKU Orang Asli students. The Director General highlighted that there are a number of Orang Asli students who are unable to perform well academically due to financial difficulties.

Meeting with JAKAO Management

Meeting with management of Jakoa Gombak and Majlis Pengurusan Komuniti Kampung Orang Asli (MPKKOA) 18th March 2021.


DSU team were informed that there was a case of a Standard 6 boy (Elvin bin Alpian) who is losing his vision and will eventually become blind. Elvin is currently in mainstream inclusive program in his school and is a potential candidate for tuition under this Flagship Project.

Some parents cannot make it to the session and they were represented by a relative. The session was very interactive where the parents shared the specific problems faced by them with respect to their disabled children. Food and drinks were provided by DSU, IIUM, and each child and parent(s) received a door gift from the DSU, IIUM.

At the end of the meeting, we informed that out of 11 OKU students, only 1 was in mainstream, i.e., eligible to sit in examinations. Elvin who was losing his vision didn’t attend because he had to attend tilawah class. We were informed he was diagnosed with rod-cone dystrophy.

Since there was only 1 student eligible for our tuition and he was not present, we requested for a separate session to meet the student to motivate him and his parents. For the students with other issues, the DSU will try to match assistance for their specific issues through DSU networking.

Majlis Ramah Mesra Bersama Anak-Anak OKU Orang Asli on 20th March 2021

Meeting with management of Jakoa Gombak and Majlis Pengurusan Komuniti Kampung Orang Asli (MPKKOA) 18th March 2021.

Discussion between DSU and Elvin and His Mother on the 30th March 2021

Since Elvin’s case is vision impairment, we invited Dr. Nizam and Dr. Nahar to share their experiences and at the same time to motivate the student and his mother that despite their vision impairment they still managed to succeed.

During the discussion, they were informed of the flagship project. His mother was very happy.

His vision diagnosis of Rod-Cone Dystrophy requires him to wear Special eyeglasses to prevent exposure to sunlight since it will speed up his loss of vision. Elvin felt embarrassed to wear the glasses as they look like goggles. The student was down and demoralized at the initial stage.

The student became highly motivated and happy to the see assistive devices shown by Dr. Nizam and Dr. Nahar, and both were looking forward for the tuition. In order to feed the family she needed to do additional work during weekends and therefore was unable to send his son for the tuition which DSU plans to do in IIUM. The DSU planned to arrange for IIUM transport for the boy to attend the tuition in IIUM.

Proposed Mechanism

UPSR Tuition for OKU – Elvin and 4 other UPSR students

Since there is only one OKU student (vision impairment), the DSU intends to invite another four students and in order to create a conducive and interactive learning environment.

The tutors will be trained on how to teach and interact with students with visual impairment, so that Elvin can learn in the best possible way.


SPM Tuition

Since there is a high disparity in academic achievement, due to the time constraints (exam is close) and limited number of tutors, DSU intends to organize tuition for only 5 students.

The tuition are for the following subjects: BM (40 minutes), BI (40 minutes) and Mathematics (60 minutes) plus discussion on any other subjects (to inform tutors 1 week in advance) (30 minutes) – 5 minutes break during transition.


Special Help Session (Kelas Bimbingan Khas)

For students who are found to be rather weak in performance (5 students), a special help session will be held for them. This special help session will focus on improving academic performance through enhancing BM skills so that students can have a better comprehension of all other subjects that are taught in BM.

BM is an important minimal requirement in order to secure employment in civil service, police or military service.

The subjects will be BM (40 minutes), History (40 minutes), and Mathematics (60 minutes) plus discussion on any other subjects (to inform tutors 1 week in advance) (30 minutes) – 5 minutes break during the transition.

Three Types of Classes


  • Elvin (OKU)
  • 4 UPSR students (non-OKU)
  • 3 subjects (Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics)


SPM 1 (Tuition)

  • 5 SPM students with good potential (non-OKU)
  • 3 subjects (Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics)


SPM II (Special Help Session)

  • 5 SPM students for skills improvements (non-OKU)
  • 3 subjects (Bahasa Melayu, History, Mathematics)

Tutors and Mentors from IIUM


  • 2 non-OKU tutors
  • 1 OKU tutor/mentor



  • 3 non-OKU tutors
  • 1 non-OKU tutor/mentor
  • 2 OKU tutors/mentors

Class Venue

IIUM Gombak

  • SPM I
  • SPM II
  • UPSR


JAKOA Gombak

  • SPM I
  • SPM II
  • UPSR

Transportation from JAKOA to IIUM


  • 5 students


SPM 1 (Tuition)

  • 5 students


SPM II (Special Help Session)

  • 5 students

Launching of the IIUM OKU 4U Flagship Project - OKU Orang Asli Tuition Pilot Project


  • Rector, IIUM
  • Director General, JAKOA
  • YB Senator Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi
  • Deputy Rector (SDCE)


Other Guests

  • Orang Asli student participants & parents
  • Tutors, Student Volunteers


Project Leaders

  • Kulliyah of Dentistry
  • Kulliyah of Medicine (SASMEC)
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