September 2020


September 2020 – Under the flagship, we also aimed to establish an herb hub in IIUM Kuantan Campus. This aim has been realised in small scale by the help of members of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. Numerous species of herbs, both local and foreign origin, were planted in a dedicated area by the Faculty building.

Among herbs planted are ‘pegaga’, ‘tulasi’, ‘bangun-bangun’, ‘bunga telang’, ‘ulam raja’, ‘selasih’, ‘mata itik’, ‘mata ayam’, ‘bayam brazil’, ‘bayam cina’, ‘maman’, ‘cekur’, ‘bonglai’, ‘halia’, ‘kunyit’, ‘ketumbar jawa’, ‘serai wangi’, ‘pandan’, ‘kesum’.

Next planning is to expand the garden to a larger scale so that the Flagship can serve as the main hub of Malay traditional herbs (ulam) in Malaysia. Here are some great pictures showing the cooperation among approximately 100 people in the Faculty.

Officiation by the Dean of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Suzanah Abdul Rahman
Faculty members cooperatively broke a sweat to establish the garden.
Some of the lots at the end of the day.


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