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Integration of MMM into University Courses

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To further inculcate the culture of Malay medical manuscript (MMM), the flagship has set a movement to collaborate with the Department of Allied Health Sciences to integrate some knowledge about MMM in Natural Product & Herbal Medicine course, and to offer Final Year Projects (FYP) based on Malay Medical Manuscripts.

As a result, 18 students of the Natural Product & Herbal Medicine course were able to understand the importance of digging out information from MMM that can relate with the course that they learnt. As for FYP, there were 19 titles related to MMM and this was a good start that the students were willing and brave to venture into a new and rarely explored field by the mainstream researchers. These are the titles of FYP:

FYP Titles

Transliteration of Malay Medical Manuscript MSS 4837 and Analysis of Its Medicinal Content
The Appraisal of Medical Content of Ramuan Obat EAP153/9/4 Malay Medical Manuscript
Transliteration and Content Analysis of Malay Medical Manuscript MSS 1796: Focusing on Puru (Yaws)
Critical Edition of MSS1467
Breastfeeding: Data Mining on Malay Formulation and Practice Recommended in Malay Medical Manuscript
Data mining on respiratory diseases or symptoms in Malay medical manuscripts with special reference to MSS 2905 Petua Kitab Tib
Piper betle: Knowledge from Malay Medical Manuscript versus Modern findings
Transliteration and Content Analysis of Malay Medical Manuscript MS 699.
Thematic analysis of Malay medical manuscripts focusing on dental problems with special reference to MSS 3084
Data Mining on Yaws Treatment in Malay Medical Manuscripts with Special Reference to MSS3749
Transliteration and Biomedical Appraisal of Malay Medical Manuscript MSS 4016
In Vivo Antiplasmodial Assessment of Syzygium aromaticum towards Plasmodium berghei Infected Mice Adopted from Malay Medical Manuscript
Zingiber officinale rhizome extract as a potential anti-snake venom: A scoping review
Prevention and Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction Mati Putik : Data Mining on Malay Medical Manuscript
Sesame seed extract as a wound healer: a systematic review
Punica granatum as a Potential Wound Healer: A Scoping Review
Transliteration of Malay Medical Manuscript MSS 4016 Page 85-89 and Analysis of Its Medical Content
Identification of Antibacterial Activity of Allium cepa-based Formulation Documented in Malay Medical Manuscript

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